Removal of Hydrogen Sulphide biologically

•          BIO-TREAT OC is a used to combat offensive odours in wastewater plants and pipelines.

•          It is principally used in environments that have low dissolved oxygen and favour anaerobic reactions

•          A Natural Biological Process

•          Cost Effective

•          Safe and easy to apply   


BIO-TREAT OC inhibits the formation of malodours (H2S) from waste and waste water. It does this by breaking down odour causing compounds through hydrolysis and bio-oxidation.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.n.


The breakdown of odour causing compounds requires the presence of an adequate number of those beneficial micro-organisms responsible for the process. Often, these micro-organisms are not present in waste water treatment plants. This can result in incomplete or slow decomposition causing the formation of malodours. Using a selective mixture of micro-organisms, these malodours can be reduced and their formation can be inhibited through acceleration of the biological process.

Please see Table below giving details of a trial that was run on 45 litres of raw sewage. The 45 litres of raw sewage sludge was dosed with Bio-Treat OC on day zero. The sample was then stored out of direct sunlight and at ambient temperature of 15-20oC. The evolved Hydrogen Sulphide was displaced and trapped daily. The data below shows the level of in H2S ug evolved over each 24 hour period of the fifteen day survey.